Introduction to Nijo-jo Castle


1601年 Ieyasu Tokugawa assigns the daimyos (Japanese feudal lords) of Western Japan to construction on Nijo-jo Castle.
1603年 Nijo-jo Castle is completed (present Ninomaru area) and Ieyasu enters for the first time.

Ieyasu Tokugawa
Ieyasu Tokugawa

1750年 In August, the keep tower is lost to fire by a lightning strike.
1867年 In October, the senior retainers of various clans gather in Ohiroma of Ninomaru-goten Palace. Yoshinobu announces his intention to restore imperial rule.
1884年 The castle becomes Nijo Rikyu (Nijo Imperial Villa).
1915年 The state ceremony for the coronation of the Taisho Emperor is held. The main banquet hall was constructed in preparation for the great feast (location of the present Seiryu-en) and the Minami-mon (South Gate) was added.
1939年 The Imperial Household Ministry grants Nijo-jo Castle to the City of Kyoto.
1994年 Nijo-jo Castle is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
2011年 Nijo-jo Castle undergoes full-scale restorations.