Visitors’ Guide

Visitors’ Guide

Visitors’ Guide

  • General Information

    Information is here on opening hours, Nijo-jo Castle and Ninomaru-goten Palace closed days, admissions, and advance ticket sales, etc.

  • FAQ

    This page has answers for FAQs.

  • Pamphlet

    A digital pamphlet about Nijo-jo Castle (in Japanese and seven other languages) is available for download.

  • News

    The latest information on Nijo-jo Castle and its events is available here.

  • Wedding ceremonies at Nijo-jo Castle

    Nijo-jo Castle offers authentic Japanese-style wedding ceremonies. Please see this page for details.

  • Nijo-jo Castle MICE Plan

    Nijo-jo Castle provides the Nijo-jo Castle MICE Plan, by which a company or group can use Nijo-jo Castle as a venue for conferences, receptions, exhibitions, or events. Please see this page for details.

  • Information on Surrounding Areas

    Information on areas surrounding the World Heritage Site of Nijo-jo Castle is available here.

  • Links

    Information on related websites, including Kyoto City’s official website, is available here.