Nijo-jo Castle original goods


Nijo-jo Castle original goods

Artisan gifts from Nijo-jo Castle

Traditional craft items unique to Nijo-jo Castle are offered for sale in the artisan gift section of the Rest Area. Designs are inspired by the castle’s Important Cultural Property structures, such as the Kara-mon Gate, and the Ninomaru-goten Palace’s wall paintings by Kano School artists. All items are made to a high standard by Kyoto-based artisans employing traditional techniques, and are available only at Nijo-jo Castle.

Kyoto enamelwork

  • Brooch

    6,930 yen
  • Brooch and pendant

    Brooch and pendant
    51,980 yen
  • Pen tray

    Pen tray
    6,930 yen

Kyo ware and Kiyomizu ware

  • Dish with tiger design

    Dish with tiger design
    8,090 yen
  • Square dish with cherry blossom design

    Square dish with cherry blossom design
    16,750 yen
  • Dish with pine design

    Dish with pine design
    9,820 yen

Kyoto knives

  • Petty knife set

    Small knife set
    25,990 yen

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