Ticket prices (in Japanese yen)

Nijo-jo Castle/Ninomaru-goten Palace Painting Gallery (Nijo-jo Castle)
Adults 1,300 yen 100 yen (800 yen)
Adult groups(30 people or more) 1,100 yen (700 yen)
Junior High / High School students 400 yen
Primary School students 300 yen
  • * Children under school age do not require tickets.
  • * Adult tickets for the Ninomaru-goten Palace and Painting Gallery can be purchased inside the castle gates as well, at the General Information Center, and the Painting Gallery (tickets to the Painting Gallery only).

Pre-sale of E-tickets

You can use smart phone or other online device to buy E-tickets of Nijo-jo Castle + Ninomaru-goten Palace etc.
After purchase order, you only need to show the QR-Code to the staff on the tour date.
You can enter the Nijo-jo Castle directly by the qr-code.You don’t have to wait in line at the ticket window.

Click here to purchase a E-ticket

Ways to pay

Nijo-jo Castle accepts the following payment methods for tickets:

  • Cash
  • VISA and MasterCard credit cards
  • Contactless smart cards such as Suica and other Japanese transport fare cards, and electronic money cards WAON, nanaco and Rakuten Edy.
  • QR code payments Alipay and WeChat Pay
  • (QR code payments can be made only at the ticket counter).